UPDATE 8/2/20

We are currently at 1-3 business days fulfillment time for new orders. Delta 8 THC gummies are now down to about 5-7 business days.

Wholesale orders are 1-5 business days.


We have become aware of a large number of packages shipped on 7/21 and 7/23 having been lost. These were shipped but we are unable to locate them anywhere in the USPS system or facilities. If you are one of the individuals affected by this know that we are sorting through the shipments from these dates and resending via 2 day FedEx. We apologize for the delays and you should expect your replacement packages next week.

This scenario is entirely made possible by USPS’s outright refusal to scan packages at our facility upon pickup, which too often leads to 3-5 day times with no updates on tracking or even acknowledgment of receipt by USPS, which then leads to the ability for shipments to just disappear while we wonder whether they are sitting at the post office waiting to be checked in or are legitimately lost.

Because of this we are likely moving to an all FedEx and/or UPS shipping system in the near future. While this costs us more, and we will absorb those additional costs, we hope this will provide for a much improved customer experience going forward.

Additionally we have made USPS shipping free for all order sizes from this point forward.

If you were affected by this and happen to receive both orders (initial shipment + reshipment) please feel free to keep the product for the inconvenience.

Please note that at this time, only 7/21 and 7/23 shipments seem to be affected. If you see “pending shipment” on your tracking number for a different date, it’s likely just a standard USPS issue, unless you are still seeing that for a date prior to 7/23. If your tracking number says “pending shipment” for a shipment prior to 7/23, please reach out.


  • A tracking number is issued when we mail your package. That means we gave the package to USPS that day. We have no control over the package speed once we give it to them or whether they scan it into their systems. The only way to get answers about your package when it is in transit beyond what’s provided on a tracking number webpage, is  is by contacting USPS.
  • Sometimes USPS does not scan our packages in so it will say “waiting to be received” and make it look like we haven’t delivered the package to USPS. Again, this is not the case. This just means they haven’t scanned the packages into their system. Or maybe they have it sitting in a room just to sit in a room for some unknown reason. We have no clue why there are these delays. All we know is sometimes packages don’t get scanned promptly or even at all. Sometimes you order will arrive without ever getting a notification that we even gave it to USPS.
  • Sometimes orders show as “Delivered” but end up showing up 1-2 days later.
  • If your package goes undelivered for 14 days we can make a claim on it and then reship. You do not lose your money if USPS does not deliver the package.
  • We cannot currently rush the fulfillment of your shipment. We hope to have this ability back soon.
  • Do not order Delta 8 THC gummies or any other backdated item with other items unless you’re ok with the entire shipment being shipped when the entire shipment is ready to be shipped. Order items separately from backordered items to get one of the packages shipped out sooner.
  • We do not have mandatory weekend hours so if you order on Friday after 5pm then Monday starts starts the first business day.
  • We can’t control where a package is delivered or notify you when it arrives (ex. “put under my front steps”, “drop behind the doghouse”, “text me personally when you get here”). We are not USPS.
  • If you attempt to cancel your order after we’ve already shipped, you will need to return the item for a refund.
  • USPS just announced slow downs in shipping times. These are likely in addition to COVID delays (Read about those issues below). We can’t do anything about this as we are not USPS. However, we are looking into getting shipping options with FedEx and UPS.


Unfortunately, COVID-19 has hit a lot of USPS distribution centers hard and it is creating delays on shipping. USPS has informed us that this is mostly a nationwide issue but can vary on location. As a general rule, they are saying to expect an additional 1-2 business day delay on all shipments except those that are local to our regional distribution center in Indianapolis.

In addition, USPS is not always inputting their shipments into the consumer-facing tracking system. Unfortunately, this means that even though the package has been shipped, and is on its way to you, it may show “Pending Shipment”. It doesn’t happen every time, but we have had customers receive their package before ever seeing an update along the way. Unfortunately, this is completely out of our control.

When you receive a tracking notice, that means your package was MAILED that day. From there we are at the mercy of the shipping services used.

We hope this will be remedied after the country opens back up after quarantines, but we have not received an official notice from USPS on when to expect this.

Thank you for understanding and thank you for your support! We love you all and appreciate the support and positivity you continue to surround us with!

Stay safe!!!

– 3Chi