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The Medical Case for Delta-8 THC


  The growing list of medical benefits for cannabis is hard to ignore. Users and doctors alike swear by the many treatments it offers — and each new study seems more promising than the last. On top of this, recent developments in new THC strains are generating a lot of interest from the medical community. […]

How Did Delta 8 THC Become Legal?


The cannabis community is rapidly becoming aware of Delta 8 THC. It appeared seemingly-overnight like some strange internet trend and is growing in popularity rapidly. But unlike those trends, delta-8 is here to stay. This new THC sits poised to claim a massive chunk of the cannabis market in the US. So where exactly did […]

Delta-8 THC is cleaner, more energetic, and best of all — legal


The cannabis smoked today hasn’t changed much from what the free souls of Woodstock rolled up a generation ago. From the 70s to 2020, the potency has increased dramatically — but otherwise little has changed in the way users interact with the plant they love. That all changed late last year with the introduction of […]

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