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Is It Bad to Repeatedly Open Your Delta 8 Bulk Oil?

Bulk Oil Distillate

There are lots of advantages to buying your delta 8 distillate oil in bulk quantities. First and foremost is the affordability, since bulk prices will always be cheaper than individual products. But buying in bulk also reduces the number of shipped packages you have to deal with, saving you time and energy, and reducing the […]

What is the Ideal Voltage for Delta 8 Vape Carts?


  There is a kind of “goldilocks zone” when it comes to properly heating your delta 8 cartridge. Too warm and you risk burning the oil, potentially damaging the product and detracting from the experience. Too cold and the distillate won’t vaporize properly, preventing you from enjoying the effects of the legal THC at all. […]

Hiking with Delta 8: What to Bring and What to Avoid

  Hiking is relaxing, stimulating, and good for the mind and body. Add a little delta 8, and you have the makings of a truly cathartic experience. However, a long outdoor trek requires a bit of prep, and the delta 8 products you bring can go a long way towards enhancing or detracting from the […]

3Chi’s Three Best Products For Sleep

  There are a huge number of customers who actively use 3Chi products to help them get better sleep in the evenings, and swear by the effectiveness of these cannabinoid products.  Let’s review the three best possible picks, using reviews, product ingredients, and personal testimony to guide the rankings.    Number Three — Granddaddy Purple […]

What is the Half Life of Delta 8?


  A common question posed by new users involves the half life of delta 8. Here, rather than referring to the radioactive decay of an element, half life indicates the amount of time necessary for the concentration of a substance in the body to be cut in half. In short, how quickly will the delta […]

What Does Delta 8 Feel Like?


  The easiest way to describe the profile of delta 8 and what it might feel like is by comparing it to the two most popular cannabinoids, delta 9 and CBD. If you’re reading this guide, you are likely familiar with one or both of these compounds. If not, no problem at all. The language […]

Why Do So Many 3Chi Products Contain Both Delta 8 and CBN?


  The cannabinoid CBN is not nearly as popular as the soothing and accessible CBD. Why then does 3Chi regularly pair CBN with delta 8 instead of CBD? Here we will highlight the unique relationships between these powerful compounds, and show exactly why CBN is better-suited for a number of important uses.   Why Use […]

Should Tinctures Be Measured in Drops or Milligrams?


  There is sometimes confusion that arises as a result of conflicting directions when it comes to properly dosing delta 8 tinctures. Some sites and brands use milligrams, while others recommend a specific number of drops. What do these competing measurements mean?   What is the Difference Between Drops and Milligrams for Tinctures? These two […]

Delta 8: What It Is, What It Isn’t


  If you’ve spent any amount of time in or around the world of cannabinoids, you’ve likely heard of the most recent product on the block: delta 8. This minor cannabinoid seemingly came out of nowhere, quickly grabbing huge portions of market share from CBD and cannabis, and solidifying itself as a popular and viable […]

Why You Should Buy Your Delta 8 Distillate in a Syringe


  Delta 8 distillate is popular in large part thanks to its customizability, giving users the opportunity to make THC products directly. But the oil itself is extremely thick, and can be difficult to work for anyone new to the world of cannabinoids. If you’re planning to buy some distillate for personal use, it’ll be […]

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