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How to Prevent Delta 8 Distillate Spills


    Spilling distillate is a truly terrible feeling. Not only does it mean you’ve just lost out on precious delta 8 product, but you now have the added hassle of having to clean up the sticky oil. It is one of the quickest ways to sour an otherwise perfectly pleasant evening. Fortunately, distillate spills […]

Tips For Cleaning Up Spilled Delta 8 Distillate


    Unlucky distillate spills occasionally do happen. Whether it was caused by a slip of the hand or broken container, it is important as a delta 8 user to know how to clean up the oil with minimal hassle. After all, spilled distillate is a famously sticky substance, and traditional cleaning methods might not […]

Why Do Some Distillate Products Form Crystals?

Why-Do-Some-Distillate Products-Form-Crystals?

  The formation of crystals is a common occurrence in some concentrated cannabinoid extracts. Fortunately, it is a completely harmless and natural side effect that in no way alters the quality of your product. Why does this phenomenon occur? And what you can do to fix it?   The Cause of Crystallization Crystals can form […]

Why You Should Buy Your Delta 8 Distillate in a Syringe


  Delta 8 distillate is popular in large part thanks to its customizability, giving users the opportunity to make THC products directly. But the oil itself is extremely thick, and can be difficult to work for anyone new to the world of cannabinoids. If you’re planning to buy some distillate for personal use, it’ll be […]

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