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Does Delta 8 Have CBD In It?

Delta 8 thc and CBD

  Delta 8 and CBD are extremely similar cannabinoids. So much so that many new users often wonder if delta 8 contains some amount of CBD.  With that in mind, let’s dive into exactly what delta 8 is made up of, and learn whether or not CBD is part of that formula.    Does Delta […]

A Simple Guide for Dosing CBD Tincture

CBD tincture Dosing Guide

  Before you can begin to enjoy the many wonderful effects of CBD, you must first decide how much of the cannabinoid you should be taking. Your CBD tincture dosing routine will vary depending on a number of factors, including body size and desired level of intensity, and today this post will cover exactly how […]

What is CBD Isolate?

CBD and THC Isolates

  The world of cannabinoids is ever growing, as is the number of available product options for each compound. CBD isolate is one such emerging alternative, and it continues to gain traction among users thanks to its versatility and high potency. Let’s dive into the science of CBD isolate, and highlight where it fits among […]

Why Do So Many 3Chi Products Contain Both Delta 8 and CBN?

Delta 8 CBN products

  The cannabinoid CBN is not nearly as popular as the soothing and accessible CBD. Why then does 3Chi regularly pair CBN with delta 8 instead of CBD? A unique relationship exists between these powerful compounds. CBN is better-suited for a number of important uses.   Why Use CBN? Although limited research exists, users report […]

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